BrainTune® is a sound for your mind that helps to improve your productivity and mental performance in life. Using powerful neuro-audio technology, our audios will tune your mind to perfection. We have over 18 different packages available in our 2017 special, with each package designed for a specific mental need.

Improve Your Mind With BrainTune® Technology

BrainTune® was made for anyone looking to improve their cognitive functions for daily productivity, or to learn information quicker and boost academic grades.
You can boost your memory, learn quicker, enhance IQ, reading skills, logic abilities, grammar and reasoning to name a few.

Click the product images below to learn more, or scroll down for further information.

 Available for instant download onto your PC or Mac system.
Listen to the sounds using earphones, headphones or speakers
Load to your mp3 player or other system for on-the-move playing
Store backups and burn to CD for CD player listening

How Do I Use These Audios?

Simply listen to the audios whilst revising information, doing an academic task, working or reading. We recommend 30 minutes of playing at a time. As you listen, your ability to learn,
digest information, memorise, boost cognition IQ, enhance productivity and take in information will begin to improve. All the benefits associated with a stronger and more powerful mind
will accelerate as the neuro-audio technology works its magic in your brain.

What Is The Difference Between The Audio Packages?

Each BrainTune
® package is designed to target a different aspect of your mind. For example, Learning Curve™ is designed specifically to improve learning, whereas Super Mind™ is specifically designed for IQ increase. Other packages lead to gains in memory, spatial ability, reasoning power or deep thinking to name a few.

Can I Use More Than One Package Together?

Yes. BrainTune® has been designed so you can stack multiple packs together, allowing you to improve in more than one mental area at a time. For example, a student could stack
Learning Curve™ together with Memory Boost™ to help with exam revision. A teacher could stack with Optimal Focus™ and Grammar Leap™ to help with work. The possibilites of BrainTune® are incredibly diverse.

What Are The Key Benefits Of BrainTune® Technology?

BrainTune® can help anyone improve the performance of their brain, therefore saving time and energy in life. The audios are simple to use and can give a lifetime of positive benefits. Students and those studying for exams in any degree can benefit the most, as the sounds help you to revise information faster, cut through complicated material and allow you to achieve higher grades in your exams.

Note: These products are are not a subliminal or hypnosis recording. These products are brainwave entrainment devices with strong mental affects. If you have a serious mental illness,
please consult a medical professional prior to using.

Each BrainTune® package also with an optional number of scientifically designed brain game bonuses to help accelerate your mental performance, whilst also providing fun and
frolics for all the family.
These games utilise the latest research in neuroscience to deliver powerful cognitive gains for adults, though can also be used by teenagers and children as
well. The minimum use is 10 minutes per day, 3-4 times per week. We also have a members area where you can chart your progress and gains.

Brain Jungle - designed to improve working memory, fluid intelligence and raw IQ, which are important for exams, learning and professional life.
Sound Snap - designed to enhance auditory abilities, multi-tasking and general cognitive functions.
Focus Builder - for improving overall focus and concentration abilities for day to day tasks
Word Wizard - for improving vocabulary, language skills, memory recall and creativity

We will now summarise some of the newer packages we have which you may be unfamiliar with. Our discounts allow you to get 2 of these for just $37 (saving $57).
View our pricing here to see how much you could save.



Memory Boost™ is a cutting edge memory boosting tool, designed to increase both your short and long term memory, leading to improvements in academics, career and life performance.

This package comes with 5 BrainTune® audio tracks to enhance your memory and boost your mental powers. Your improved memory can help you in literally any area of life, leading to greater satisfaction and fulfillment in the areas that matter to you. Each of the audios target your memory in a slightly different way, giving you diverse benefits from the program.

Comes complete with detailed instructions on use. You can click the image on the left to learn more on this product. To summarise:

Grammar Leap™ was designed to improve reading speed, comprehension and thinking performance. The BrainTune® sounds will allow your mind to fall into a very specific state of menal focus that allows your reading and comprehension skills to improve.

As you keep using the audios, you will find yourself being able to read things quicker, at greater speed and with more intensity than before. Perfect for students and professionals looking to gain the winning edge.

Grammar Leap™ is a cutting edge solution to help you bring your reading and language comprehension abilities to the next level.

Contains 5 BrainTune® audio tracks. To summarise:

Abstract Reasoning™ was designed to enhance subtle areas of your mind and make you think outside of the box, leading to new ways of thinking and behaving. This has the added benefit of boosting creativity, problem solving skills, mental clarity and intuition in day to day life.

You will also be able to see problems and situations in a new light. This can be useful in situations where having good intellectual ability is essential, such as in philosophical situations, academics, business and personal life.

Make your mind think outsidee of the box with our powerful BrainTune® sounds, and bring the subconscious mind to the surface.

Contains 4 BrainTune® audios. You can click the product image on the left to learn more. 
To summarise:

Mind Connect™ was created to allow you to connect deeper inside your own mind - across all of its layers in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds. The effect is to bring your hidden talents to the surface.

Many people are unaware that profound intellectual and artistic talents lie beneath the surface. By tapping into this through strong connections to the subconscious mind, immense new talents can come about. Things like musical abilities, inventive streaks, brilliant revolutionary ideas which can change the world, and your true genius nature can come to the surface. As well as enhancing overall cognition, this audio brings new mental abilities to the surface.

Contains 5 BrainTune® audios.
 To summarise:

Spatial Awareness™ helps you to see things from a 3D perspective - both in helping to understand the physical relation between things (which is useful for mechanical tasks, academic physics, engineering and those in the inventing profession) and also for mental 3D images (which is useful for visualisers, image streamers and meditators).

With better 3D images, more color, more vividness and more clarity, you can accelerate your mental progress and IQ hugely.

You will enjoy using your mind and the 3D awareness that you have. You will also have more ability to live in the moment, and have greater focus for day to day tasks.
To summarise:

Psychic Potential™ is a unique neuro-audio technology solution that allows you to tap into the power of the universe. Thoughts travel in the universe and can be picked up with the right brainwave patterns. By getting into the right brainwave state, the minds of other people can resonate on the same frequency as yours, in the same way that tuning forks can.

With consistent use of this BrainTune® Series, your thoughts and ideas will improve hugely. You will be able to read other people better, understand their energy and see things from a new perspective. This is a great way to access true genius potential and give yourself every mental edge you can.

Contains 2 powerful brain harmonics audios and full instructions. To summarise:

Scientific research is showing that minds are all linked together to some extent on the quantum level. With Universal Consciousness™, you are able to tap into those minds o na subconscious level, allowing for super enhanced mental

This package is designed for anyone from any walk of life, background, religion or creed. The audios will put you into a deeper mental state to begin with, giving you the chance to achieve exceptional mental states. To summarise:

Deep Meditate™ is designed to enhance meditation abilities, so that you find it easier . Deep Meditate will help you to achieve mental control, which leads to enhanced focus, concentration, awareness and vitality. Working on these areas greatly enhances your mind. You will have clearer, more controllable thoughts and an overall sense of  well being. You get 6 audios with this program.

Click the image on the left for detailed info. To summarise:


Deep Thought™ was designed to promote deep thinking, analytical rigour and greater connections to the subconscious mind. This helps in solving uniquely complex problems that can't be solved with the normal conscious mind. Deep mental states allow greater and more powerful areas of the mind to be accessed, helping facilitate mental gains and long term intellectual progress.

You get 3 audios with this package, each designed for a slightly specific area of the mind..

As with the others, you can click the image on the left. To summarise:

This gives you more than 20 audio tracks worth. Each package comes with its own instruction manual and schedules of use.

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The Mind Series™ is our most popular series, released in 2009. It is a good all round mental development series that gives you the benefits of enhanced IQ, learning abilities and comprehension across diverse cognitive areas.

Super Mind™: This is designed to increase your overall intelligence and IQ. It helps to improve analytical abilities, thinking skills and all parts of your brainpower. It comes with 4 audios, and detailed instructions on use.

Learning Curve™: This package is designed to help you learn, study and memorise information quicker than ever before. It's designed for students and professionals who want to achieve the edge in all study endeavours. Comes with 4 audio tracks and instructions.

Optimal Focus™: This is designed to help your focus and concentration abilities. It also helps people who have attention deficit. Come with 4 audio tracks and instructions.

Creativity Spark™: Designed to help you increase your creativity, idea generation and thinking skills. Your creative abilities will go through the roof with this.

Logic Whiz™: Designed to enhance your logical abilities, meaning more ability to have analytical rigour, critical thinking and precise thinking with this. It's also good for boosting mathematical abilities. Comes with 3 audio tracks and instructions.

Deep Thought™: This helps you to gain insights into difficult intellectual situations and allows you to develop greater connections to the subconscious mind.

Our Mind Series™ is available on massive discount - view our pricing for more information.



There are 5 different deal options to choose from, allowing you to get maximum benefits at minimum price.

The Mind Supreme™ deals are best for those who are on a tight budget. We have many entry level packages to choose from that can allow you to get powerful benefits at a fraction of the cost of a full blown mental training program. For students, we recommend Learning Curve™ stacked with Super Mind™, or Optimal Focus™ stacked with Grammar Leap™. There are also packages designed for very specific mental needs, such as logic, deep thinking, meditation and spatial awareness. This means the gains can be incredibly varied.

Option 1: Any 2 packages of your choice

Get any 2 packages of your choice as seen above. Once ordered, your packages are selected for online download in our members area. This is actually cheaper than 1 package on its own.

Special Price: $37 (save $57)

Option 2: Any 2 packages of your choice + 4 brain games

Get any 2 packages as seen on the left, but also including our scientifically designed brain game bonuses. These are namely Symbol Snap, Brain Jungle, Focus Builder and Word Wizard.

Special Price: $47 (save $94)

Option 3: Any 3 packages of your choice

Get any 3 packages of your choice as seen above. Once ordered, your packages are selected for online download in our members area. This comes at a massive discount.

Special Price: $47 (save $101)

Option 4: Any 3 packages of your choice + 4 brain games

Get any 3 packages as seen on the left, including brain game bonuses. The brain games are namely Symbol Snap, Brain Jungle, Focus Builder and Word Wizard.

Special Price: $57 (save $155)


The Mind Supreme Pro™ options are for those looking to gain a mental edge by using several packages with a training program. This allows you to get diverse mental gains across your vital mental functions. We have several options to choose from, and you also have the chance to pick and mix whichever packages you want from our selections above. This allows you to create a customised program specific to your needs.

OPTION 1 - Good all rounder for memory, language skills and abstract reasoning development

OPTION 2 - Good all rounder for IQ, learning, logic abilities and focus increase

OPTION 3- Good all abstract intellectual development, spatial abilities, subconscious mind connections

OPTION 4 - Good all rounder for creativity, logic, idea generation, and meditation

The 4 brain games includes

Option 1

Memory Boost
Grammar Leap
Abstract Reasoning
Mind Connect
4 Brain Games

Special Price: $67 (save $101)

Option 2

Super Mind
Learning Curve
Optimal Focus
Logic Whiz
4 Brain Games

Special Price: $67 (save $135)


Option 3

Spatial Awareness
Mind Connect
Universal Consciousness
Psychic Potential
4 Brain Games

Special Price: $67 (save $101)

Option 4

Creativity Spark
Logic Whiz
Deep Thought
Deep Meditate
4 Brain Games

Special Price: $67 (save $135)


Option 5

Pick and mix any 4 audio packages that you want. This allows you to choose from ANY of the audios you see on our website. Please also remember to e-mail us on order completion so we can get the right downloads for you. You also get the 4 brain games and database access.

Special Price: $67 (save $155)

All of the options above come with the 4 brain games, complete with database access and psychometric testing. The games are namely:

Sound Snap and Brain Jungle, which are deisnged to work IQ and working memory.

Focus Builder to enhance your focus and Word Wizard for grammar, language and creativity increase.



This series allows you to get 7 of the packages and a bulk-buy discounted price. This helps for long term mental development and progress. The minimum use for each package is 15 minutes, and you can changed to other packages throughout your mental growth program. Your discounts are already applied inside the your product prices. This allows you to save a maximum of $345 off the retail price.

There are 2 main options to choose from here, each giving you powerful and unique benefits each time.

Designed for an overall improvement in mental abilities, including logic, IQ, sequencing, multi-tasking, memory,
reaction speed, working memory, spatial ability, visualisation and mechanical reasoning tasks.

OPTION 1 - A good all rounder for various types of mental development needs. You can seriously work your mind in spatial
logic, grammar, memory, reasoning abilities, subconscious connections and many other areas with this.

OPTION 3 - This is a good all rounder package designed to increase IQ, learning abilities, focus, creativity, logic,
subconscious mind connections and meditation powers. Its a good all-round cognitive development toolbox!

If you would prefer a different set of packages, you can pick and mix and choose what you like best. This gives you
you 100% flexibility on how you want to proceed. See on the right to make a custom made order.
Option 1: 7 BrainTune® Packages on its own with nothing else

Choose the 7 BrainTune® packages you see here on the left, on its own, with nothing else.

Memory Boost, Grammar Leap, Abstract Reasoning, Mind Connect, Spatial Awareness, Psychic Potential, Universal Consciousness

Special Price: $87 (save $242)

Option 2: 7 BrainTune® Packages + 4 brain games

Memory Boost, Grammar Leap, Abstract Reasoning, Mind Connect, Spatial Awareness, Psychic Potential, Universal Consciousness + 4 brain games

Special Price: $97 (save $305)

Option 3: 7 BrainTune® Packages on its own with nothing else

Super Mind, Learning Curve, Optimal Focus,
Creativity Spark, Logic Whiz. Deep Thought, Deep Meditate

Special Price: $87 (save $336)

Option 4: 7 BrainTune® Packages on its own with nothing else + 4 brain games

Super Mind, Learning Curve, Optimal Focus,
Creativity Spark, Logic Whiz. Deep Thought, Deep Meditate + 4 brain games

Special Price: $97 (save $345)

Option 5: Pick And Mix 7 Audios + 4 Brain Games

Choose any 7 audio packages and also get the 4 brain games. For this, you must also e-mail us when the order is complete with your order details to receive the right packages.

Special Price: $107 (save $345)


This premium series allows you to get 10 of the packages in bulk at a fraction of the individual costs. It's best used for those for brain improvement enthusiasts who want to gain every edge they can with their minds. We have taken the 10 most popular BrainTune® albums and combined them for this program. Each album comes with detailed instructions manuals of use.


Option 1: 10 Audios On Its Own and Nothing Else

Memory Boost, Grammar Leap, Abstract Reasoning, Mind Connect, Spatial Awareness, Psychic Potential, Universal Consciousness, Super Mind, Learning Curve, Optimal Focus

Special Price: $117 (save $471)

Option 2: 10 Audios + 4 Brain Games

Memory Boost, Grammar Leap, Abstract Reasoning, Mind Connect, Spatial Awareness, Psychic Potential, Universal Consciousness, Super Mind, Learning Curve, Optimal Focus
+ 4 Brain Games

Special Price: $127 (save $461)


This deal is for those who want everything we have to offer in one deal, and is designed for those who want every advantage their brain and mind can get. This provides the maximum savings on the individual cost of each package. You save a total of $690 with this deal. All download links are provided in our members area. Each package is approximately 300mb in
length, so we recommend you have a high speed internet connection to download them timely. You also get detailed instruction manuals on use, helping you to take maximum
advantage from this offer.

Everything: All 18 Audios + 4 Brain Games + VIP Success Program Bonus

Memory Boost, Grammar Leap, Abstract Reasoning, Mind Connect, Spatial Awareness, Psychic Potential,
Universal Consciousness, Super Mind, Learning Curve, Optimal Focus, Logic Whiz, Creativity Spark, Deep Thought And
Deep Meditate, Healing Power, Wealth Manifestation, Deep Sleep, Deep Relax

Brain Games: Sound Snap, Brain Jungle, Focus Builder, Word Wizard

VIP Success Program

Special Price: $167 (save $690)


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