Stationary intelligence is the highest form of intelligence which you can strive towards. It basically means understanding things from a neutral and unbiased perspective, and allows you to see things as they really are.

Seeing things as they really are is seeing what is natural and real, instead of made up and fake, which are the man made laws.

The Essence Of Stationary Intelligence Is That Just Because Somebody Says Something, It Has No Bearing Whatsoever In It Actually Being True

This destroys all man-made concepts of ownership and belief. For example, just because somebody says they own the certain plot of land or property, has no bearing on it actually being true. Even if they have the title of deeds for the property, it still has no bearing on it being true: it is simply a piece of paper or a legal recognition. A legal recognition is also man made and up: it has no bearing on it being actually true. Everyone can claim that the world's richest man is so and so a person, but this has no bearing on it being true in any way whatsoever.

Put another way, you could say you own the entire world. Just because other people are living in the world has no bearing on them actually owning the world or having a say on who owns it. You saying you own the world is 100% true in every single way.

The Concept Of Ownership Is A Man Made Lie

What is man made is made up. You could just as easily say you own anything you want, and it would be 100% true. What other people say they own has no bearing on it being true in any way whatsoever.

The Secret Is That Only Natural Law Is True

Natural law states that you already have everything. You are the richest person in the world by right. So just because society says you only have $50  in your bank account, doesn't actually mean its true. This is only other people saying you have $50, and what they say has no bearing on it being the actual reality. The actual reality is the reality of NATURE following natural law. Natural law always comes before, engulfs and controls the man made laws.

Man Made Laws And Ideas Follow Natural Law

Thus, it is your duty to complement the natural laws, instead of the man made laws. Complementing the natural laws is the only thing which exists. Man made law has no say over natural law. The natural law will always win out, because it is the only law which actually truly exists.

For You To Achieve Your Dreams, Always Follow The Natural And Not The Man Made

Following the natural allows for real, true results. It complements and harnesses real powers in the universe. Man made law, ideas and concepts are totally made up from the top of people's heads. It has no bearing whatsoever in true nature.

Once you truly understand stationary intelligence, which may be a strange concept at first, you will be set free. You will see how people are blindly following the concepts made by other people - off the top of their heads - and you will then be able to take full charge of your life. You can only take full charge of your life when you see things in as clear, genuine and real a way as possible, and this can only happen through stationary intelligence.

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