Sticking To Your Decisions
Sticking to your decisions is incredibly important to develop proper focus and clarity towards achieving your goals. There are many important understandings here which will allow you to make the most from the decisions you make.


The Decisions You Make Are Permanent

You should never see decisions as something you can violate. Decisions are permanent and you need to follow through with your decisions with absolute skill and clarity in order to succeed. By seeing your decisions as permanent, you allow your whole focus to move in the direction of your goals. You become clearer as to what you need to do, and what you need to develop to succeed.

You Must Stick To Your Decisions At All Costs

When you make a permanent decision, you stick to it at all costs. You do this by eliminating all other possibilities in your mind and having only that one possibility (i.e. the decision you have made) in your awareness. This is true decision making and will become easier to perform the more experience and practise you have of it. Over time, your decisions will become even more solid and more refined, leading to astronomical levels of success as a result. This is a lot easier to do when you've made a true decision to change and achieve your goals. Only in true decisions do the right courses of action happen.

Decisions Must Be Followed Through With Action Right Away

Decisions that you make, when real, are always followed by action straight away. This would mean in the best case, writing up a plan of what you want to do, following the laws of diligence. In other words, you would set up a plan which you can diligently follow. This will allow you to implement your decision as easily and as quickly as possible. You will always be much more productive and efficient in carrying out the decision as a result.

It's Best To Act Quickly And Efficiently

Acting quickly and efficiently means doing the things you need to do without fantasising, procrastinating or whatever. You simply get your head down and do the things you need to do. You put your full focus and attention into these things so that you are giving a full mental investment into it. This allows for the greatest return. When you seed with full creative energy, you get the return which full creative energy provides.

In conclusion, sticking to your decisions is incredibly important to succeed. It's very easy to underestimate this, but by learning to make real decisions, you will see the absolutely enormous impact it can have on your life.

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