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I started <name deleted> in the second week of March this year (I have not used any other techniques). Since June 15th, I've been training with the advanced technique <name deleted>.

As of July 9th, my IQ was 139. I've charted my progress and I seem to be gaining about 5-6 IQ points per month. After each month of <name deleted> I've discovered some new or improved ability. From March to early July, I noticed improved math ability, reasoning skills, wit and creativity, and memory. But around the second week of July, I began to notice that I was recalling things in images. I assumed that this was simply an onset of photographic ability. 4-6 weeks later, I started to notice the other symptoms I spoke about.

I had started dreaming more frequently after the first few weeks of <name deleted>, but now I dream every time I sleep. Even for one hour naps. The dreams are vivid and are quite thorough (which they seldom were before)


John. Left 20th August 2009.


As I progress through my training, my understanding of the techniques grows and I'm even more blown away by the <name deleted>.


Its powerful, complex but there's also an underlying simplicity to it too. And for some reason, until now, I've spent almost five months totally oblivious to the idea that <deleted> with the eyes open could give that technique yet another layer of depth. But not only have I become even more appreciative of the fact that your techniques have scary potential, I've also begun to realize the staggering amount of misinformation on IQ and intelligence (and as they relate to genetics) propagated by so called authorities on the subject. I'm really furious and annoyed with academic literature on the subject which misled me for years. Your techniques utterly annihilate quite a few of the more controversial "findings" on things like race/sex/ethnicity and intelligence. (the idea of fixed intelligence is something I'm sure a good many people preferred was true.)  That's not to say that gaps between the races etc don't exist, but your techniques shatter the idea that such gaps are an unavoidable result of genetics and they can't be eliminated.


Anyways, just want to say that your ebook has totally changed the way I think about my life now. A couple of months ago, I was very depressed and full of self pity, but as I started to feel the benefits of your techniques, I've developed a strong drive and new ambitions. So thank you for that, I really don't know what state I would be in if I did not possess a tool that provided me with an opportunity to improve my quality of life.


Left 5th August 2009.


Hello, I increased my IQ from 122 to 145, and I've kept going! Thank you, your guide is one of a kind!

I have a question - <information deleted>


Thank you!


A. Cougar

Left 3rd July 2009


Hi guys


I have been using your guide for around two months now. I was enjoying the mental ecstasy it brings me after every <deleted> session. If I should become become a genius in the future and reach the level of IQ I want, can I stop the audio increaser and my level of intelligence be sustained just by the advanced techniques using <deleted>?


P.S By the way I do <name deleted> whilst using the audio increaser for 6 days a week.



Michael Genovana


Left 21st August, 2009.


There's no doubt that there has been a marked increase in my overall intelligence. I went into this with an intelligence in the range of a standard deviation below the mean. I had difficulty with comprehension of basic concepts, reading, writing and arithmetic.


In the couple of weeks since, every aspect of my life has changed. I'm absorbing information and learning new things like a sponge. I'm learning french, german, spanish, and can already speak, read, and write in all three of these languages well enough to get by. Where previously I struggled with the basic concepts of arithmetic, I'm now wading my way through Calculus and Trigonometry. I've discovered a particular joy in unravelling the mysteries of physics. As of late I've been studying electricity and magnetism, but I hope to progress to more advanced and modern topics (relativity, quantum mechanics, and eventually things like string theory and membrane theory) in due time.


Sometimes when I'm reading a book, I'll close my eyes and the whole page will come to me like a picture.


I have no problem handling large numbers in my head and sometimes I find myself staring out the window manipulating and rearranging vast arrays of equations in my mind. Sometimes for no reason other than to unravel a particularly sticky intricacy of higher dimensions. (linear system representations of them anyways)


I've never touched a piano in my life. I picked that up especially quickly and am working on a concerto of my own. My friend (who is a piano teacher) told me I play with the technical virtuosity of a master. And I've never touched or considered the piano at any point in my life up until a week and half ago.


I've had my intelligence tested by several different agencies in the past four days and my intelligence has ranged roughly evenly distributed over 4 to 5 standard deviations above the mean (160 to 175 IQ).


I feel I can reach even greater intellectual heights.


<deleted> I'm working on something that may solve the problem of lack of oxygen flow to the brain. My solution will require nano-scale fabrication though and technology in that department may have a few years to go before it catches up with the theory I am developing.


I'm terribly interested in how any of this was possible. I have clear memories of myself before I started your program. I wasn't technically "mentally challenged" (to borrow from the modern euphemisms of educational jargon in this topic) but I was close to that range. I struggled with understanding simple topics and could hardly focus on the simplest of ideas for more than a few seconds.


Now I feel I'm one of the smartest people alive. And what bugs me the most is I truly don't understand how you did it. Your methods are complex and subtle and I hope to understand and maybe someday improve on them.


Left Wednesday 23rd October 2008.


..well, to start it I have used your complete guide to genius book for 2 weeks and I did over 6 top IQ tests and well, I didn't believe my eyes. I increased my IQ by 30 points in only 2 weeks! it is now 140!!!


Ali Bouliyan

Left 29th June, 2008.


Thank you, my initial IQ 1 year ago was 122. Now it is 164 thanks to you're guide! I have a question about PT - How does the coin matter? By it's size, color, metal or silver? What is best? And has anyone ever tried to do this with a magnet?

Thank you in advance!
Left 6th January 2010.


I've been consistently practising the technique of [deleted] for a month now and I've noticed some changes in my life. I've become more aware, more talkative and more witty. I have more ideas to communicate to people instead of not knowing what to say. I've also started to ask smarter questions. I also notice that I talk in a more intelligent way and use more complex vocabulary, and also talk continuously.

I used to  be very quiet because I didn't know what to say a lot of times. I have a keener sense of awareness and observation. My listening skills have improved. I am more alert and in the moment. I also read faster now. My friend noticed because he sees me ready with my pen and he notices that the pen is moving faster (little faster than normal) from left to right and down the page.

Wow. I'm amazed by all these changes and am hoping that I will continue to improve intelligence and IQ, maybe to 180! Before I started the technique, I was at 110, now I'm at 123, so it's still a long way to go. Thank you so much for making the guide available!!!

I have some questions

1. Can I use [deleted] everyday? Would it be bad?
2. What's the best, most accurate place to take an IQ test online?

Thanks and God bless

Left 21st March 2010


Hi there

I bought your 2 products and you've done a very good job, my IQ reached finally 150 in 3 months of hard work; but you know what? Im proud of it. Now I know that everything is possible and there are no limits. I realised that just about everything is so primitive and mediocre in my surroundings, but Im trying to be as humble as possible. If you would like to you could add this comment as a testimonial.

By the way, Im now a student in the field of electronics, telecommunications and information technology, but as a student I do not have many resources and Im on a budget.

Best Wishes
Steve. Left 20th November 2009


thanks for the response. And thanks for your continued support, the feedback I've received from the support team has been outstanding. Every reply has been concise and straight to the point, much like The Guide itself, for that, I'm extremely grateful. Your ebook and correspondence have been more of a help to me than any person that's ever given me advice; and it's because your techniques foster REAL changes, there's no wishy washy fluff and [deleted] and pretentiousness in any of the stuff you're involved with (which is rare when it comes to self help advice), it's just exceptionally useful information that you've made available to anyone with a hunger for a happy and satisfied way of life. Your work is true genius and of great benefit to all, certainly worthy of the highest citations and awards.

Matthew. Left November 21st, 2009


Thank you a lot for your explanation! Now we have a greater understanding of the techniques. By the way, we have to admit the information is really mind-blowing and indeed as good as it is claimed. Everything is a thousand times better than conventional mind improvement methods because of the effects it delivers. Nothing is more straightforward and effective! It really is The Complete Guide To Genius! Although we did not perform an IQ test, but we did notice a lot of improvements in terms of intellectual faculties. Thank you for your generosity by making it available to others.

Yours truly
Sincere friends who wished to increase their intelligence
Left 8th February 2010  


You are welcome

The Complete Guide To Genius is very important to me, you taught me to find the concept of my life and to set some specific rules for myself which will organise my in a better way. Anyway I am very proud that we are communicating together through emails and definitely these topics are very very important for me and for everybody who wants and deserves to have a stable, better and more excellent life.

Talk to you soon
Best Regards from Fellanza


I've bought your product and I'm very pleased with it. Now I have one question. For at least the past two decades, there's quite a fuss about emotional intelligence. Could you please gives us an understanding of what emotional intelligence is? Also, does the *advanced* schedule of [name deleted] aid in the increase of emotional intelligence? (It's pretty obvious to me that standard [name deleted] increases only the "logical" IQ) If not, are there any ways or techniques that I can implement for increasing emotional intelligence?

With great respect and thankfulness
Andy. Left 26th January 2010


Hi I would just like to inform that after two weeks of using your guide, my IQ has gone up by six points! (from 126 to 132). This is even without my diet being 100% consistent.

Ive forgotten my password for the guide, can you please tell me it? The [information deleted]

Also, Im finding it hard to go and do my [name deleted], any ideas for motivation? Finally, when you say try to avoid eating chips, sugar and drinking sodas, does that mean don't eat them 100%, or could you once in a week have a treat? (ie a pie or so?)

Mahmoud Ugool. Left 20th February 2010


Dear Sir

Surprisingly, my every encounter with your programs and activities have increased my intelligence. I am more conscience or focused and am able to manage a lot of information in a more effective manner.

Thank you kindly

And God bless you all




Here's an update you'll enjoy reading I'm sure. I've received two Dx of ADHD in the past year -- I'm a 37 year-old man attending university. Although I have all of your Brain Tune MP3s, I've been listening to the following:

Optimal Focus
Super Mind
Learning Curve

Now, when I purchased your whole Brain Tune Series, I did so essentially on "faith", so I had some serious doubts they wouldn't work but took a chance anyway.

For about 2-3 days now, I'm starting to see some noteworthy change in my ability to do basic mental maths--something I had a terrible time doing before (and that, without even using Logic Whiz, as I mentioned above). the speed at which I make decisions is also better. Yesterday I had to travel to a neighbouring city and my fiance noticed how quick on the update I was in driving around the city. My ability to focus and remain in this state has improved as well.

I've been using your products for about 3 weeks or so now. I REALLY hope these benefits I speak of won't fade away. I also hope that the tracks won't lose their effect over time---you told me anyway that this isn't going to be an issue. I'm astounded so far to see it actually works and is making my life easier. I suffered a LOT of stress for many many years and the effect the hormone cortisol has on neurons is it kills them.  It seems that your product is helping me in making new connections. I wouldn't dare say it helps in creating new neurons, because I do not know that it can do that, but new connections would clearly benefit me, and this is probably what is happening.

Like I always say: I clearly don't mind paying a high price for any type of product, but as long as it WORKS. Hopefully, the effects I'm now getting are just a beginning, and there will be more more from where it comes from.

I'll keep you updated.

Marc Boucher. Left 18th January 2010




1. Can I use the brain harmonics without headphones?


2. Which supplement is crucial for increasing in dendritic complexity? (choline?)


Thank you in advance! So far I've increased my IQ from 122 to 145, thanks to you!


 Left 10th August 2009.




Hi there,

Thanks very much. After using your guide for 3 weeks, I have been able to improve in my exams by serious margins. After scoring 92 in my math exams, I decided to start using the Wind Harmonics. And guess what I scored 98% this time. Great times man. But then I realised I had just a 5 point increase in my IQ. My question today is simple: How often can I use the harmonics together with [name deleted] because using it wouldn't equal an hour but more to be realistic. But then, can it be more than an hour?

How should I rotate between the twilight and wind audios? Thanks God Bless you guys. I want to start being consistent but I always like to procrastinate and for sometime now (5 days) I haven't been using it. I need help to kick out procrastination.

From Charles.
Left 25th December 2009




Greetings, I have a quick question. I would like to understand what you mean by what you are saying in your Instruction Manual for the Super Mind BrainTune Series. You have mentioned the following that caught my attention.

Super Mind Track 1: This audio is designed to be very high intensity....(it will also make you highly aware and develop a floating state of mind. It is the epitome of the "Super Mind" state) used for specialized mental tasks. 

What do you mean by this?

P.S Your product is great I love it, especially the one above, which I listen to more frequently as its far more stimulating.

Best Regards

Claude Cairncross.
Left January 8th, 2010




Dear Genius,

Thank you for your articles and audios. I've been reading the articles again and again, applying the principles and I listen to the mp3 audio everyday. My IQ is improving now. Before I learned from you, my IQ was only 130, now it has skyrocketed, it's 160 now. Thanks a million for your help.

I'm studying medicine and French at the moment. I'm a sophomore at the University of Medicine [name deleted]. I'd be glad to know how the audio helps to increase your IQ. How it effects the nerves in our brains?





Thank you guys!

That was quick.


P.S I'm super excited about this programme. Been using the harmonics for a month and a half now whilst studying, mixed with [name deleted] here and there [I started off with an IQ of 136 and am now on 149 (no joke)]. I must admit, my IQ results seem to fluctuate depending on how much I concentrate but my lowest scores, which were usually at around 120-125 are now at around 130-135 and I've never got 149 before. I seem to be seeing solutions to problems I never could before. It's strange. There is one side effect to a high IQ though, I must admit; your brain is ALWAYS buzzing. ALWAYS! You sit in a room and you have this sudden urge to write your thoughts down, because you realise you're onto something. I looked over some calculus from high school, and the numbers took on a personality of their own. The symbols were more than just that, they began to have meanings. It was weird. I was good at math, but I never understood it to this kind of level.

Oh yeh, should I mention that I'm a medical student majoring in neuroscience (I'm in England). Had an exam yesterday and I could see some of the pages in my head! I'm starting to develop a photographic memory!!