The 4 Keys To Success
The 4 Keys To Success are the 4 fundamentals that need to be in place for success to occur. These are the absolute fundamentals and learning to put these in place on a regular and daily basis will ensure high levels of success for you. This article explores this topic and the 4 keys.

The First Key: To Live In The Moment

Living in the moment means putting your whole attention on the present situation, and not being aware of the future or the past. When you put your whole attention on the moment, you will begin to increase in prosperity and abundance in ways you could never imagine. All good things will start to happen. This is because living in the moment allows you to connect to your true inner self and inner being - which is a self of extreme well being, peace and calm. By connecting to this level, your mind is in its optimal state to allow success to come to you easily. You will get much better thoughts, ideas and theories on how to achieve your goals. Your mind will seem to be more focused and with much greater concentrative powers.

Living in the moment is about putting your whole attention on the here and now. By concentrating fully on what you are doing and putting your whole attention and thoughts on that present moment, the manifestations and success will occur. This is a law, and life experience will teach you this as so.

The Second Key: Doing One Thing At A Time

Doing one thing at a time is similar to the point above but with a few differences. When you do one thing at a time, you are putting your whole attention on one thing and one thing alone. This allows your mental attention and focus to increase on only one thing only. This means your mind becomes much clearer, more focused, and with much greater concentration power. Your mind will seem to be totally in tune and "in the zone". You will achieve a peak mental state. Doing one thing also allows your whole thought power to be on that one thing. It allows you to invest your whole physical and mental energy on that one thing, so that you can get a maximum return from it. A maximum investment which is very carefully planned will always yield the maximum return. This is exactly what you are doing, using your mind as the investment tool.

Over time, and as you do one thing at a time, you will find that you will always want to do things this way, and doing things any other way will seem to be like there is a complete lack of focus. Here are some examples of doing one thing at a time: When you eat, only eat and pay attention to the food. Don't watch the TV or read the newspaper as you eat. When you wash the dishes, put your whole attention on washing the dishes and nothing else. Give it your full mental attention. When talking to someone, put your whole mental attention on that one person and no where else. Do this in all areas of life and reap the rewards.

The Third Key: Change The Conversation You Tell Yourself

Changing the conversation you tell yourself is about changing the way you think and speak to yourself. Your thoughts are a creative power, and the most important energy which you emit. The thoughts you think are the force which form the reality you see around you. When you think a thought, or hold a thought, you start to bring that thought into your life. By constantly thinking the right thoughts on a consistent basis, you will bring the reality you want into your life. It is a coherent system of thinking that allows you to achieve your goals. When the thoughts are haphazard, fuzzy and unfocused, the manifestation is poor. When the thoughts are totally focused, totally driven and coming from a position of strength, the manifestation is real and increasing.

The conversation that is going on in your head is the conversation of your life. To change what happens in your life is a matter of changing the conversation which goes on in your head. There is no other way. When you change the conversation which goes on, you are effectively changing your thinking, and when you change your thinking, you change your life. We are not just talking about temporary change in thinking here. The change in thinking needs to be permanent, strong and give the correct thoughts automatically. This will happen over time as you continue to refine your thinking on a regular basis. The way to get started on this third key for change is to begin talking about life in the way you want it to be. Quit talking about how things are, and start talking, acting and doing as you would want it to be. The changes over time will be absolutely miraculous.

The Fourth Key: Making Action In Alignment With Thought

Your thoughts may be in alignment with your goals, but so too must be your actions. Your actions exist to reinforce the system of thoughts you have so that the thoughts become more refined, stronger, reinforcing and magnetic. This is the thought power which increases from focused, decisive action coming from a position of faith. You must take action on a daily basis to move closer towards your goals. Your emphasis should always be on action first, and mindset and everything else later. So long as you are making actions, then you are making progress. The only precaution with action is that you should be acting from a position of growth and strength. You should be coming from a position of abundance, plenty and prosperity. You should have a calm mind, and clear, positive expectation of positive results from your actions.

The other thing about action is that you must enforce accountability. You need to be accountable for your actions for their to be a high level of progress on a consistent basis. A good way to do this is to put up a wall chart of things which you will need to do, and the number of hours you have spent in action towards your goals. It may sometimes surprise you on how little action we actually take. But aligning the thoughts and paying attention to the number of hours we are spending will allow you to correct it and exert more action towards your goals.

In conclusion, these 4 fundamentals of success are totally crucial to achieving your goals. Put the emphasis on action to begin with. Make the actions  you need to do to move closer towards your goals. Then, refine the thinking in alignment with this and make sure you are always from a position of strength, increase and prosperity. Then, do one thing at a time and live in the moment. You will find all manner of miraculous events happening from these 4 simple steps. The power here lies in the unseen and what cannot be seen with the naked eye. The power here lies in the mind and consciousness, which has hidden properties to create huge changes in your life.

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