This guide uses the latest findings in neuroscience to help you improve your mental processes completely. The guide uses unique visualisations, focus primers, subconscious potentiators and working memory enhancers to give you the ultimate mental workout known to man.

Recommended use is 15-60 mins per day. Work through the guide at your own pace and use the techniques that best suit your lifestyle and goals.

You can also start the program at any IQ level. With consistent, dedicated use, you can increase your IQ by 20-40 points. Some dedicated users have reported IQ gains to 170-180 which is an exceptional result. The effectiveness of our techniques allows for your hidden mental powers to be fully released at last.

What good is being a genius if you can't even remember your amazing thoughts and ideas? Wouldn't it be great to remember everything for a change? How much of a difference do you think a powerful memory could make to your life?

Nobody should blame their lack of success on their memory, and neither should you.

This guide explains why you forget, and the steps you can take to develop a strong and powerful memory that you can be proud of.



The program is in the form of an electronic book (e-book) which you read on your computer.  We also offer lifetime support for your questions: e-mail us and see the quality of our service. This gives you constant and personal tailored guidance from our experts for ultimate intelligence gains.


The guide is also usable with our BrainTune® Series (a portion of which is below as a bonus) for super high and specialised intelligence gains.


So, are you ready to increase your IQ to huge levels? Get The Complete Guide To Genius™ now, reap the rewards and feel the strength and power of real genius intelligence!

The Complete Guide To Genius™. Retail Price: $67 US.

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The IQ Increaser BrainTune® Series gives you two audios to help you increase your IQ. Each audio is geared towards a different aspect of mental improvement. The audios use brain harmonics technology to fine tune your brainwaves into a growth enhancing state. An IQ of over 150 is achievable through consistent, dedicated use.

The first audio deals with improvements in logic, math and problem solving. The second audio deals with improvements in creativity, grammar, learning and general intelligence. The audios are also compatible with your mp3 player.


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We have used the findings of 10 years of research to bring you a guide that will allow you to increase your IQ by 20 points, or more. Introducing The Complete Guide To Genius: Increase Your IQ By 20 Points! Screenshots below:

Get an IQ increase of 15-20 points within 6 months of use* and bring your mind to a whole new level. Boost IQ, memory, problem solving skills, creativity, logical abilities, speed reading and all vital mental functions. You can become more happy, improve your productivity and reveal your own Peak Genius!

This guide teaches you how to come up with intellectual and smart answers to any difficult question that someone might ask you.

It also covers the secrets to passing the admissions interview stage at any top university, making a place within the likes of Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, etc easily within your grasp.

Never struggle for answers to tough questions ever again!


This e-book is about the human brain and how it actually works, beyond the myths created by society and poor scientific practice.

The brain has billions of "neurons" and "dendrites" and this e-book takes it one step further and explains their true composition, functions, relationships and characteristics.

It also dispels the common myths about the brain, including topics about intelligence, brain shrinkage, dying brain cells, mental aging, brain disorders,  and the like.


So are you tired of messing around? Weary of banging your head against the wall? Then skip the pain and jump start your life immediately.  No matter what IQ you have now, The Complete Guide To Genius™ will change your intelligence level forever. Don't miss out. Click below to download it now, 100% Risk-Free.

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