The exposure technique is a technique which can be used to dramatically and systematically increase your probabilities of becoming a genius and living the life of your dreams.

The technique is more of a lifestyle, than an actual mental technique per se. This article will explore this in more detail.


You Must Surround Yourself To The Skills Needed To Achieve Your Goal

This means you must expose yourself to the mindsets, strategies, lessons and principles which you need to achieve your goal.

Ask yourself this question:

"What skills are critical for me to develop in order for me to reach my goal?"

You should come up with at least 5 answers. Write these skills down on paper.  Now with those skills in mind, you want to expose yourself as much as possible to them. This means reading books, listening to audios and doing things to draw yourself closer to it. For example, if you had the goal of creating a large business, skills you would need are

a) an ability to spend enough time in your business

b) an ability to be productive with your time and make the most out of it

c) an ability to concentrate on expanding the business and growth

d) an ability to be active, instead of reactive

e) an ability to an ability to implement and use the best technologies

Now to develop those skills, you would need to expose yourself as much as possible to it. You would need to read books on business success. You would need to read books and listen to the best audios from the best authors in this field. You would need to constantly expose yourself as much as possible to the skills you want to draw into your life.

When you do this, you will BECOME what you think about.

You Become What You Think About With The Exposure Technique

The beauty and genius of the Exposure Technique is that you will become what you think about. This means that by thinking and exposing yourself to a certain something, you will draw it into your life. For example, if you want to have discipline in your life, you would need to expose yourself to it. It will then be drawn into your life. If you want academic success and a Nobel Laureate, you would need to expose yourself to it, in the steps, strategies and principles, and it will be drawn into your life.

The way it is drawn is through the power of your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the real seat of your intelligence and IQ. By connecting properly to the subconscious mind, you can move lightening quick towards genius and re-program your whole mind completely.

You Must Always Use The Exposure Technique

The exposure technique is a fundamental of success. It will help you to move towards your goals in the quickest and easiest way possible. So constantly expose yourself to the things you need to do, and success for you is guaranteed.

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