The Superior Mindset
The superior mindset is one which has certain qualities which aren't possessed by the general populace. These qualities give the person in question an edge which allows them to achieve levels of success that otherwise would not be possible.

This article explores some of the qualities of a superior mindset and what you can do to bring some of these qualities into your life.

The Superior Mindset Is Strong

A strong mind is one which has high levels of focus, clarity, drive and concentration. This mind is strong. A weak mind in comparison is one which is all over the place - with no focus, no concentration, unclear thoughts, no direction etc. This is the situation which unfortunately the majority of people find themselves in. As an aspiring genius, your goal is to have a strong mind, and as strong as possible. You must strive to make your mind clear (which can be achieved through diet and mental training), and focused on your goals. The focus on your goals can become stronger through a solid intent, which is the next point we will discuss.

A Superior Mind Has A Solid Intent

A solid intent is a mental focus which is purely in one direction and nowhere else. To achieve this yourself, you simply make a permanent, irreversible decision to get what you want and stick with that decision at all costs. You perform all the necessary actions to achieve the goal with total diligence, commitment and persistence. This will lead to high levels of success extremely quickly. You always move in the one direction and be totally robust about it. This is solid intent. In contrast, a weak intent is one in which there is no clear direction, drive or anything. To have the clear drive requires making the decision to achieve what you want first of all. Then, you can take the steps from a position of solid intent to get what you want.

The Superior Mind Is Always In The Moment

If you've read some of our other articles, you will know the importance of living in the moment. Living in the moment is basically a mental state in which you put your whole mental attention and focus on the present situation you are in. You don't think about the future or the past, but instead, only on what is directly in front of you. You give your whole attention and power into that thing, allowing you to achieve the maximum investment from it in return. The common name for being in the moment is called "the zone". When you are in "the zone" you are in a state in which time seems to be going extremely quickly. You are making high levels of progress and you feel good about everything which is happening around you. You are totally into it and oblivious to everything else. This is the perfect state to be in which allows for exceptional results to happen.

The Superior Mind Is Enquiring

An enquiring mind is a mind which is always seeking out answers and doesn't simply accept things because someone else said so or whatever. An enquiring mind looks for the truth in things all the time, and is as non-judgemental as possible. This mind is the mind of high levels of progress, because it always getting new understandings and new lessons it needs to grow and move to the next level. So by enquiring, you allow yourself to progress in your understanding of yourself for growth.

The Superior Mind Always Attempts To Improve Itself

There is always room for improvement. By attempting to improve yourself in the areas which are important to you, you will always be on a journey of increasing levels of success. There is always room for more self confidence, more discipline, move drive, more clarity and more focus to your goals. By striving to improve and develop in these areas alone will lead to high levels of success extremely quickly. There are many other areas you could improve in, so imagine the levels of success you could potentially have.

In conclusion, the superior mindset has many important qualities which most people don't have. You should strive to bring these qualities into your life so that you can achieve high levels of success extremely quickly.

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