The "Unseen forces" refers to the forces which influence our lives, without them being seen by us. These forces are real. Below, you will find some key understandings that will help you understand the importance of the Unseen:

1. Everything you sense around us has an Unseen part.

For example. On this screen which you are looking at, the light is made up of waves. This is unseen. The screen and computer is made up of electronic gadgets which we do not see. This is unseen. The electricity from the power station which allows the computer to run is unseen. The electricity is unseen. The particles which form the electricity, computer, light and everything is unseen. You can cut yourself open and see the unseen body parts and systems which you operate under. You get the picture. Everything has lots of what we do not see.

2. We can only understand a small portion of all the knowledge out there. Knowledge is also part of the Unseen.

So just because you don't have the knowledge or understanding, doesn't mean that the knowledge or truth is not out there.

3. The Unseen has a huge influence over our lives

Everything which you do, feel, see or believe, rests on principles and laws in the Unseen. It is what we do not see which is the major influence in our lives.

4. The Unseen is composed of certain laws which we can use.

That is, we can do things in a certain way, to complement certain laws which almost nobody has a proper understanding or comprehension of. This will allow us to make significant changes in our life.

What To Expect

When you understand the power in the unseen, you are in an extraordinary position to achieve all of your life's dreams. This is because it is then, that you will understand what the key quantum laws which allowed you to achieve this, that or the other actually are. However, time is always running out to use this force to achieve your dreams so you need to make the decision to act now.

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