The Wisdom Of Uncertainty
There is great wisdom to be found in uncertainty. The Wisdom of Uncertainty teaches that we can allow for new possibilities, when we relinquish the known.

Embracing uncertainty will lead to an increase in all good things in life. It is allowing the Higher Power to manifest through you. This article explores this topic in more detail.

The Known Keeps Us Repeating The Habits Of The Past

When we embrace certainty instead of uncertainty, we are seeing things from the lens of the habits and certainties of the past. But by doing this, we merely repeat what has happened in the past in our lives. This would mean your life would be a constant repetitive cycle of events, where the same theme of events happens over and over. To transcend this, you must embrace uncertainty. Uncertainty allows you to venture into the unknown, where there are new possibilities. It allows you to be free from the past and the repetitive cycle which this creates.

Embracing Uncertainty Is The Only Real Way For Positive Change In Life

This uncertainty allows you to be free from the past. It allows you to be something new, to think new, and to do new. All of this creates new. You will form new habits, new ideas, new strategies and new methods for growth and development. You will also feel more relaxed and more in control of life, because you will be living in the moment. You will not be feeding your energy into the future (which does not exist. Only the moment ie now exists) or into the past, which will make your habits repeat themselves. By embracing uncertainty, all great things can happen.

Embracing Uncertainty Continuously Allows For Full Detachment As A Habit

Full detachment as a habit is the full manifestation of you embracing uncertainty. You are not attached to anything. You are living your life freely in the moment and have allowed your subconscious mind to exercise its full strength. You will feel more relaxed. There will be negative energy in you. You will feel good all the time. All of this will happen because you have embraced uncertainty. You have relinquished the need to control existence. It is the Higher Mind which controls existence and not you. It is always you which has to allow the Higher Mind to manifest existence. By trying to do it yourself, you will achieve little. Always detach and let the Higher Mind do its work. The doorway to the Higher Mind lies behind your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is like a doorway to the Higher Mind. You are not the Higher Mind, but have direct communication with it.

You Must Make Uncertainty A Cornerstone Of Your Daily Actions

When embracing uncertainty, you are doing all of your actions, merely for the sake of doing the action. You are unattached from the results. You have embraced uncertainty because you are not genuinely concerned as to how the results are going to come about. This is uncertainty in action. You are simply doing the actions, and doing them well. You are putting your whole attention into the actions and nowhere else. If a thought distracts you, you simply put your attention back on the task at hand. You are not thinking of future or past, and are fully here. Doing this consistently and all the time will make it a habit, and will bring awesome changes into your life.

In conclusion, you must embrace uncertainty. You must learn more about this, and also detachment (which is another name for it). By doing this, you allow your subconscious mind to exert its full creative power. The ability to detach from outcomes and embrace uncertainty is a quality which all genii of all old and present possess. You must develop this skill yourself if you are to be a genius as well.

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