Thinking on paper is an extremely important concept, and it is likely to be counter intuitive to you.

However, once you understand the concept of thinking on paper, you will use it for your whole entire life.

You Must Always Think On Paper

There are several major reasons as to why you need to think on paper. Here they are:

a) Thinking on paper provides mental clarity

When you are thinking in your head, many thoughts will come and go and it is more difficult to be selective on which thoughts to keep and entertain, and which thoughts not to. When you write things down on paper, things become clearer. You are accessing more areas of your brain to makes things clearer, because you are using your visual sense (in looking at what you are writing with your eyes), your sense of touch (in writing the information down), and your thinking part of the brain. This is 3 areas of the brain being used, instead of 1, which would happen if you were thinking in your head.

So writing on paper will make your mind super clear. It will be so much easier to come up with the right ideas on paper, than it will be just trying to do everything in your head.

b) Thinking in your head makes you react to your thoughts, instead of act on them.

This is another super key reason to always write things down. You see, when you think in your head and rely on the thinking in your head, you react to your thoughts. Reacting to your thoughts puts you in a disempowered situation which makes you weaker, less driven, less motivated and less clear on your goals. The only way to stop this vicious cycle is to ACT on your thoughts instead. When you act on your thoughts, you actually PHYSICALLY act on your thoughts by writing them down.

Another way to look at it is like this: Reacting to your own thoughts is like writing yourself a letter, and then posting that letter in the post to yourself. You then open the letter you yourself wrote and read it. In the same way, when you are reacting to your thoughts, you are simply thinking in your head on the thoughts which you yourself have creared and nothing else. You are expending a lot of mental energy in the act of thinking on your thoughts, like you would expend a lot of physical energy to write yourself a letter and then post it yourself, every time you came up with an idea. That would just simply be mad, yet many of us do this with our thoughts a lot of the time.

Writing Things Down Allows You To Review It

Thoughts come and go all the time. We forget many important things like this, which we cannot afford if we are to reach the top and become the best we can be. So writing down allows us to review these things over and over, improve on them and perfect them. Writing thoughts down allows us to perfect our thoughts. We cannot perfect the thoughts which are in our mind all the time, so we write them down, and can constantly change the expression of what we have written, until it becomes perfect. This exploration of your thoughts in writing, brings that possibility into your life, and super quick speed.

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