Thought Inspire subliminal audios is a brand new concept in subliminal audio technology. Using a combination of I-You and BrainTune technologies, a potent combination to create dramatic changes in your life can occur. This article explores some of the things which Thought Inspire can do, and how it can dramatically improve your life as well.

Thought Inspire Uses Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is a method by which your brainwaves can enter into altered states. With Thought Inspire, your mind is placed into a very deep state so the subliminal messages can penetrate deeper and faster than in any other way. The technology used for this is called BrainTune and has had remarkable success in clinical and scientific studies at various education establishments.

I-You Technology Provides Varied Affirmations

The affirmations are the actual suggestions of the messages your mind will hear. Thought Inspire uses a combination of "I" and "You" messages so that your mind receives the messages from multiple angles. This combination is actually much more effective than normal "I" subliminal messages. The truth is that all the experiences of you growing up have been people telling you "You are this", "you shouldn't do this", "you should think like this" etc. So "You" affirmations are actually much more powerful in many ways, than "I" affirmations. If you feel you could derive more results from subliminals, then this may be what you are looking for.

Utilising The Principles Of NLP

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and was formulated by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder back in the 1960s and 1970s. NLP basically uses linguistic commands and techniques to influence mental state. NLP is an accepted practise to influence the mind and by using this technology in Thought Inspire affirmations, much greater effects can be derived.

For example, Thought Inspire uses only positive suggestions which inspire and promote good feelings. There are no negative suggestions or negativity in the affirmations at all. Compare this to old subliminals where affirmations are negatively worded. For example, "I am not lazy" "I am NOT fat" etc. Instead, the correct way using psychological principles would be "I am healthy and slim", "I am motivated and productive".

Thought Inspire Is Created Using A Unique Process

Each of the audios undergoes a very stringent testing procedure to ensure maximum effectiveness. The audios are hand crafted with a realhuman voice - and not a machine-created artificial voice. This gives the messages a more sense of realism.

The subliminal audio messages themselves won't be detectable by your conscious mind, because they have been created to bypass conscious awareness and access the subconscious mind directly.

Subliminal Audios That Target The Subconscious Mind Directly

With the masking sounds added over the messages, you won't hear the messages at all. However, your subconscious mind can still hear these messages and this is where the true beauty of the audios shines through. The subconscious mind is a garden of fertile soil for the suggestions to become implanted. When implanted successfully, new thoughts can be inspired to transform your life from the inside out.

Thought Inspire Is A Unique Concept Which Understands The Subliminal Process

The subliminal audios which are created understand and complement the subliminal actualization process. This means that the suggestions and messages which penetrate your mind and lead to full effects, are doing so because of the way that the messages work. First, by entering your mind through the auditory faculty and second, by lodging itself firmly and securely in your subconscious mind. The mind itself is highly receptive to suggestions and there are numerous studies that back up the claims of Thought Inspire. 

So these 3 main differences fills a much needed gap in the subliminal audio world. Using this technology, your mind and life can change a lot more rapidly than you may have ever imagined. Good luck!

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