All the progress which humanity has ever made for change has come about through trial and error. This trial and error aspect is therefore important in helping you reach the genius intelligence you are looking for. The path you must take, is one of knowing what your goal and vision is, and acting in a way to ensure that this goal becomes a reality. Below you will find ways to make sure that you incorporate trial and error into your routine carefully, so that your genius and quest towards it is not compromised:

1. Make sure that you have defined your vision clearly, and stick by it at all times.

Take the time to listen to your inner conscience, desires and drive to help you determine what your vision and goal is. Once set, make sure that you can look back at it easily and clearly. You must be able to stick to your goal, and have 100% faith in it at all times. You must realise that believing is seeing, and that keeping hold of your vision with complete and unshakeable faith, will allow everything else which happens in your life to stick together.

2. Act and live in the Secret Way.

That is, you should act in the Secret Way taught in The Complete Guide To Genius. The way includes living in the moment and acting towards your goals with massive and decisive action. That way, you are doing things in the most effective and binding way as possible.

3.  Record on paper, everything which you implement which is new or not fully explored.

The reason you want to do this, is because it allow you to measure the effectiveness of new implementations with absolute accuracy. If you do not write it down, and instead rely on your memory, you will not learn much. Learnings come from being able to look back at everything in a glance and with complete focus and awareness, than through the haziness which can arise through relying on the memory. If you implement something new in your life, you must write it down. That way, you can continue to refine your life with ease, by removing those elements which do not work, and refining those which do.

4. Be aware on a daily basis, the direction which you are moving in.

Sometimes we can get so into something, that the energy which we have created can move us along in that direction with any effort on our part. However, this direction might not necessarily be the favourable one, if we are not careful on monitoring our progress. We should therefore be able to halt our momentum, not in terms of physical momentum, but on thought and emotional momentum. We should be able to still ourselves, and remove all bias, emotions, beliefs etc. This will make sure your trial and error is tailored towards your goal, and not something which you have come up with randomly and without realising it to be so.

5. When using trial and error, make sure you have a particular outcome in mind in regards to an immediate effect.

When you are implementing something, not for the sake of randomness, but because you are trying to achieve a certain immediate goal from it, you allow yourself to gain a full awareness of whether what you are doing is simply nonsense, or in fact will actually help achieve the goal. In trial and error, there are a million and one things which someone could do, so knowing exactly what you are out to achieve in the immediate run, will help to narrow down your potential courses of action.

6. The mistakes from trial and error are steps towards your goal.

Never get put down by a failure. The only end which really exists is death, so as long as you are still alive, you still have a chance of succeeding. Every failure is in fact a lesson and a step towards your goal. It is one way of not doing it, and therefore you can write it off as in point 3. above. The more ways you find of not doing it, the more the path to success becomes more defined, more certain and more clear in your mind. You will see the path to achieving your goal and know exactly what you need to do to get there. Remember: you do not become a champion overnight. You become a champion through practice: that is, through gradually refining your skill set so that you only do the right thing.

What To Expect

Trial and error is not something you should try actively. It is something which happens naturally as we can never be 100% certain of what events lie immediately ahead of us. By using trial and error effectively, we allow ourselves to progress quickly towards our goals.

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