When we have a particular goal we wish to achieve, whether it be mental, behavioural or physical in nature, we may sometimes experience a sense of unease or uncertainty as to what will come about. There are several reasons for this:

1. We feel unease because we have not established firm faith. When we create a solid foundation and belief that we are going to achieve our goal, we understand more about it. This creates a clarity for us as we will then know for sure whether the goal we have asked for is a genuine desire or not.

2. We feel unease because we have yet to change ourselves. All change comes from the inside, so if we feel any unease, it is because we have not changed ourselves sufficiently to be in line with our goal. A good way to be in line is to establish a firm belief and unshakeable faith that we are going to do it. This faith will become stronger, the more we re-affirm our faith and the more we take on the mindset of our final goal persona.

3. We may fear our goal without realising. Do you really want to be a Nobel Laureate? Do you really want to be an inventor? Do you really want to be the next Bill Gates? Imagine what it would genuinely be like to be in those positions. Is this something you would embrace, or feel uneasy about? If you feel uneasy, it is because you have not fully understood your goal or what you are truly asking for. You need to make sure that you are genuinely asking for the right goal. 

4. We have not adopted the right mindset for our goal. Mindset is everything. The right mindset for your goal should be to "be it now". Take on the same emotions, mindset, beliefs, feelings and actions of your final goal persona, and try to keep like this forever. Of course, you will not fully know what the end-goal mindset is, because you are yet to experience it, but in that lies the secret. We should always strive to evolve our mindset as much as possible, and move it upwards to a higher level and perfection of consciousness. This will allow us to feel certainty and evoke a mental taste towards our goals.

5. We have come to the realisation that our goal is huge and phenomenal, which makes us feel uneasy. In this type of unease, there is a secret. The secret is that the unease is a propeller to move you forward. It is a stimulus to say that you cannot go back to being the way you were, and you must move forward to achieve your goals. There is an urge and great desire inside you which is wanting to get out, and you should give it every chance and opportunity to do so.
In conclusion, mental unease is to be expected every now and again, until you realise and conquer the lessons in the 5 points above. My advice is to keep the belief in your goal firm, and always strive to evolve your mindset.

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