As your IQ increases from using our programs, there are certain things you will notice. This article aims to explain the main differences which you will experience as your IQ gradually goes up.

In The First Few Weeks, You Will Notice An Increase In Concentration Ability

The concentration ability is always the first ability which improves from using intelligence increasing techniques. As the concentration improves, your ability to stay focused and attentive in the tasks you perform in day to day life is obviously going to improve as well. In this case, the concentration improvement means much longer focus and ability to stay focused. You will be less inclined to have a wandering mind. You will also feel more control of the mind.

Depending On The Technique, You May Notice Increased Intuition In The First Few Weeks

Intuition is basically powerful thoughts which come from your subconscious mind, and then become displayed in your conscious awareness. Certain techniques found in our genius guide will help to improve this area. Intuition comes in many forms and generally means you will have much more thoughts, ideas and positive creativity as a result. This intuition becomes more obvious as you continue to practise.

An Increase In Concentration And Intuition Means Many Other Mental Improvements

Concentration improves the ability to memorise information, study longer and harder, focus for long periods of time and come up with more ideas. It also makes you better at solving problems, forming logical arguments and the like. An increase in intuition means more thoughts, ideas, plans and creativity for the things you want to achieve. You will also find it easier to brainstorm ideas, develop creative solutions and be more mentally clear on what things you need to do to succeed.

In The Intermediate Stage (4-16 weeks), More Mental Improvements Become Obvious

You will develop the ability to memorise information a lot more easily. Your mind will be clear, sharp and require less effort to do anything. This is a typical result of IQ increase, since your brain has now become more developed. You will have many more glial cell connections in your brain, allowing for the improved abilities. An acceleration of everything else mentioned previously becomes the norm. You will be able to take this in your stride without it getting out of hand for you.

In The Advanced Stage, (16 weeks+), Your Mind Will Be Constantly Evolving

The mind will be going through many changes at this stage and many new thoughts and ideas will continue to present themselves to you. You will also feel even more motivated to continue to practise the IQ increasing techniques, because the changes will be so obvious in your mind, that you will be motivated naturally to gain even more mental powers. Your memorisation ability will be very strong. It will be easy to memorise large amounts of text, facts etc in minimal time. An onset of photographic memory may also arise depending on your IQ level. At this stage, your training will be very intense, yet enjoyable. The enjoyment seems to increase as your IQ goes up, because you are getting more mental ecstasy and "mental food" from the techniques you are using.

In conclusion, there are many changes which arise from intelligence increasing techniques. This is a basic outline of what you should expect as your IQ increases.

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