One of the most underrated strategies to help you achieve your goals, is by writing your ideas down. The reason why most people fail to do this is because they don't understand the value of it, or that their goals are simply not their true desires. In this article, i want to explore a few techniques and tips you should follow, to make sure you write down your ideas properly:

1. Writing your ideas down is better than relying on your memory

Most people do not realise that the memory in itself is faulty by design. This means we are not to rely on it, on its own. We should instead always make the effort to write our goal down, so that we can look back at it without the potential unpredictability of the memory.

2. Writing your ideas down is the first step in acting to make it true

When you write something down, you have taken the first step to make it true already! This means you are forming the habit of acting, instead of merely thinking. The true value and insight is only discovered when acting towards your goals, and immediately taking this step once an idea is formed, is creating this good act as a habit itself.

3. Writing your ideas allows you to modify it, both on paper, and in your mind.

This means that you have a lot more flexibility in how you want to refine and modify the idea to your wishes. You can always look back at what you have written down, but you cannot easily do this in your mind. 

4. Writing something down allows you to view it from a different perspective.

You will be able to have greater insight into your idea when it is on paper and can be seen from a non-biased perspective. When it is only in your mind, you can charge it with beliefs and emotions to create an unrealistic and biased impression. Therefore, writing it down will allow you to look back at it, at a future date, and see whether the idea is still good for your causes.

What To Expect

Writing your ideas down is an absolute must if you are serious about becoming a genius and achieving awesome feats in your life. Other things which arise include:

A. A proper sense of direction and purpose as to where you are going

B. Increase in momentum and action since writing down allows you to form a plan of action

C. Increased ability to generate ideas

D. Increased ability to command the subconscious mind and form true goals

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